Thursday, June 2, 2011

International tour guide..

The absolute coolest part of living abroad is being able to show your friends and family around for a good time. You actually feel like one of those paid tour guides, but you drink a lot more, and you like the people you're with. Tonight is no exception.. an email from my good friend Kaitlyn who is an American in London resulted in me happily volunteering to take her friend Corey and his two friends out in Amsterdam while they Euro-trip. In this situation I don't even have to know Corey, or have met him prior to tonight to know that we're going to have a great time. One. Kaitlyn is awesome, so it's already guaranteed that he'll be awesome..Two. Amsterdam is awesome. It's a win, win situation. So, fellow readers, if you have a friend visiting the Amsterdam area, I am always up for a night to show them my favorite places in the city!

PS: Coco's has karoke tonight- you get a free shot just for signing up to sing.. I'm hoping I can convince these three American boys to belt out a few songs :) I'm sure that multiple interesting and hilarious stories will follow this evening.. STAY TUNED.

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  1. I knew you'd be up to the challenge, can not wait to hear what kind of trouble y'all got into!